Centering into Personal Power

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

A guided meditation for self-growth and empowerment

The solar plexus is our energetic home for self-esteem and personal power. The word power can have negative connotations for many people because power has been and still is being misused in many places around the world. When I use the word power, I do not refer to power over someone, rather I refer to the strength and abilities of your true essence, that compassionate, loving, joyful spirit side that makes up all of us. When we tap into the power of our essence, we can move mountains. Power from our true essence is never misused because it comes from a place of truth and infinite love. 

Power from within is distinct. Power from within is what fuels our self-confidence and allows us to stand up for ourselves. It gives us the power to make choices in line with our highest good. Choosing something in line with our highest good is not just limited to altruism and kind acts but also includes making choices of friends, food, expression, really anything that brings us true joy, peace, or love. It also gives us power to stand up to those who have been misusing power, those to whom we have given our power away. It allows us to take back our freedom, our power to choose – that divine right we have all been blessed with on this earth.

In this meditation, we connect into the power of the solar plexus, that place in the upper abdomen where we feel our self-esteem and personal power. We breathe into the upper abdomen and  acknowledge the organs there and everything they do for us, both physically and metaphysically. We thank them for digesting food and emotions for us, for processing what goes in so that we receive the nourishment we need. Through bringing our breath and awareness here, we allow energy and emotions that we had been holding on to, to move. We create space for more of our pure essence and power to flow within.  

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