The Compassionate Observer

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

A Guided Meditation to Tap into Your True Essence

This meditation is about recognizing the trifecta of who you are: body, mind, and energy. The body and mind are bound to this earth and this lifetime that you are living right now. Your energy (aka life force energy, essence, spirit, atman, soul, qi, tao, etc.) never dies, it simply flows into something/somewhere else when the body dies. By differentiating between the body, mind, and energy, it is easier to connect with that pure feeling of your essence, and you can begin to look at yourself from the perspective of the compassionate observer.

In this meditation I guide you to do just that. From this compassionate perspective, we view our body and our mind in a loving way. This allows us to learn more about ourselves, and it allows us to look at our body and our ‘issues’ in a way that isn’t so emotional or painful. Because we are coming from a standpoint with fewer pain and emotion, it is easier to let go of the emotions or energy that no longer serves us. It goes along with the saying, “What you resist, persists.” By taking that perspective of the compassionate observer, we enter a more neutral loving space. This lowers our resistance to discomfort and pain in the body, and then we can more easily set it free.

This meditation was inspired by a book I am reading called “The Sacred Self,” by Wayne Dyer.

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