Mindfulness with Baby and Small Kids

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

Becoming a parent requires huge changes. Often with change comes worries, feelings of ungroundedness, and doubts. I experienced all of those things when I became a mother. On top of that, my meditation techniques and energy tools did not work like they used to. My typical meditations for anxiety and stress were not helping my anxiety and stress. I needed help!

Mindfulness was a big tool in my journey into parenthood, even though I had already been meditation for several years. I took a 10-week course to have the guidance and the group support around me. It upped my meditation game. It helped my energy work grow stronger, and it helped me develop a stronger connection to my higher self.

While I highly recommend committing to a meditation practice, or a structured course if possible, I understand that some people have things going on in their lives (like parenting responsibilities) that prevent them from doing that. Over the last few years, I have worked with friends, teachers, clients, and my higher self to create exercises that I and other parents can do to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Some of my favorite exercises, I repeat on a weekly basis in my Mindfulness with Baby and Small Kids class.

I would recommend practicing this class regularly to all parents because it not only helps you feel better but also allows you to be a more mindful role model for your kids. I’ve had people listen while feeding kids, while holding a baby, while being in another country from their child, and people without children have done this with their inner child. All these people wrote me about their experiences to tell me how helpful they found exercises. It is such a blessing to share this class.

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