Medical Intuition: a guided meditation to uncover past trauma and heal the inner child

Medical intuition is a tool that I absolutely love. It is the most effective process I have found to uncover emotions and beliefs that do not serve us and let them go. In the medical intuition process, I guide you into deep relaxation so that we can better access the subconscious mind. I guide you to use your breath the focus into the body and invite your consciousness to fully come into this space and time. Next we go to a place in the body that is asking for our attention. This might come through as a pain or physical sensation, a word, or simply knowing. I guide you to fully focus your attention in this area.

Once we are in the space in the the body that wants your attention, we begin a dialogue. We use all of the senses to see what colors we see, what textures are there, and what it feels like physically. All of these images and sensory information are representative of the feelings being held here. Next we ask what this part of the body what emotions are here; how is it feeling emotionally. We ask why it feels the way it does. We breathe into this space in the body, continuing the dialogue to better understand it. This allows us to begin to accept it for feeling exactly the way it does right now. Then we ask what it would take to let those emotions/memories go.

This guided meditation journey is a sample of the medical intuition process that I do with clients one-on-one. In a private session, I would guide a client through the same steps and also tailor the dialogue so that it goes at the right pace for that person at that moment. I also channel energy to help balance and support what is coming up and being let go of.

Health by Intuition makes no claims of medical healing or cure. All information on this site should be considered complimentary methods to health and well being. This meditation is not to be used as a substitute for a medical doctor’s advice.

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