How recognizing emotions helps us heal

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

I am in the middle of an emotional week. I have been doing manifesting meditations to open myself up spiritually, physically, and mentally, and they have stirred up some old emotions that are ready to be released. One of these emotions is panic. I had to do an intuitive healing on myself to identify what it was. I have to say, it was a relief to put a word to it.

It felt like a sharp, circular pain right in the middle of my chest. It came up when I was worrying about hurting/offending people by something I said or did. In the past, I would’ve labeled these thoughts and feelings as generalized anxiety and worked on breathing through it or talking to it. But it wasn’t moving with just placing my breath and attention there. So I went in and found it’s true name, panic, and where it came from and asked for it to be released.

As it is being released, it is showing me examples of how it has shown up in the past by showing up in the present. This physically feels like a burden – it hurts physically and pulls me down into a lower vibration and makes me doubt myself – but I know in my soul it is a blessing. It is an opportunity for me to really look at a triggering situation and send love to the part of me that is holding onto panic. It is giving me the opportunity to release it fully.

I am sharing this meditation today because it was one of healing for me, and that is exactly what I’m going through now. It was channeled at the Temple of Debod – an Egyptian temple dedicated to the gods Anon and Isis that was gifted to Spain in the 1970s for their help in constructing the Aswan dam. The temple has a very strong energy for me. I can feel the energy of the rituals and ceremonies performed there for so many years emanating from its walls. I asked that some of this energy be channeled in through this meditation in line with healing and the highest good of anyone that listens.

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