Stepping into greatness: what does that even mean?

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

“Being of service is more important than what people say about me.”

This is my mantra at the moment. It is a big one for me. It challenges insecurities and old patterns that don’t serve me anymore. And at the same time, it ignites the fire within me to help others. It reminds me I am going to feel my best when I’m on my true path no matter what other people are doing, saying or thinking.

It reminds me that there will likely be people who will say hurtful things; they will try to “protect” me from my greatness by bringing me back down, just as they were brought down from their greatness earlier in their life. I choose not to listen anymore. I choose to step into my greatness. 

What is greatness?

Greatness is my true essence. It is my connection with consciousness, divinity, all there is. Greatness is a mixture of love, peace, joy, bliss, power, wisdom, and lightness. It is a blissful tingling sensation that fills my body. It is the deep breath that brings life force into my physical being. It is simple trust in knowing that I am greatness, and that’s all that matters.

How do I embody this?

The answer that came in was simply: “Ask.” 

I ask to fully embody my greatness. I ask to visualize what that looks like. I close my eyes…
I see the wind blowing in light swirls around my body. I envision my body posed like a powerful goddess with her chest towards the sky and her long hair flowing in the swirls of the wind, her arms stretched down at her sides and slightly behind her. She is open to the powers of the universe. She is the universe. 

I ask to feel what it feels like to embody greatness.
It feels powerful. I can feel it moving through my arms and feet and chest. In the center of my chest, it brings up a feeling of fear and some tightness behind my right shoulder blade. What would it feel like to let that go and fully embody greatness? It looks like light expanding through my back. 

It expands out to form wings – big white feather wings that are strong and powerful. The wings began to move. They flap a few times. They stretch out. They are enormous. Simply lifting them out wards lifts me up into the air. I travel upwards. Towards a source of brilliant golden light. It’s so bright it makes me cry. 

I got distracted, and I no longer see the light anymore. But it feels as if I have made a new connection between Source and my body. I choose to bring this connection down fully. My soul is filling up, up there. The energy is channeling back down to my earth experience.

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