Healing through balancing masculine and feminine energies

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us
The last couple months have been calling me to find more balance. One of the ways this came through was in balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

For a long time, I shied away from these terms of masculinity and femininity. I had a bit of an aversion to them. I now know this was because I had an aversion to how masculinity and femininity were represented within my culture. I had to recognize this in order to begin to heal my own imbalances of masculine and feminine energy within me.

Let’s rewind about five years. As I was walking down my path of healing and spiritual growth, I began to accept that both masculine and feminine energies were important and necessary for balance.

At first the acceptance was mental. Like, “Yes, I get it, masculine and feminine qualities balance each other. That makes sense.” I read what people defined as masculine and feminine, yet I still had hang-ups on why each of their characteristics had to be attributed to either the masculine or feminine.

I didn’t like thinking that some qualities were inherently female while others were male. I was actually hung up on a power imbalance that I had witnessed between males and females in society.

Over time I realized masculine and feminine energies have nothing to do with male or female or power imbalances. It is simply energy.

Fast forward to the recent past: Once I realized that there is inherently an equal amount of power in both masculine and feminine energy, I was able to balance them more in my own life.

What really helped me was the following exercise: I began writing down what femininity and masculinity were, and what they weren’t.
What is femininity? Intuitive, soft, subtle, passive, receptive, nurturing…

What femininity is not: Manipulation, submission, temptress, meek, weak, powerless….

What is masculinity? Logic, focused, outward direction, active, boundaries…

What masculinity is not: Rigidity, power over someone, aggression, control over others, anger…
I looked on google images to get some adjectives to help me define what feminine and masculine energies were. Then I thought about it. Anything that came up that was less than loving, went in the ‘what masculinity/femininity is not’ definitions.

My definitions were much longer, and I spent about a week filling them in, but I wanted to share some examples here of what came up for me when I was exploring the topic in case you would like to do the same.

And the result? My definitions of masculinity and femininity and how I see their characteristics within myself and others don’t feel like such a weight anymore. They are clear, and I accept them. It simply feels better.

I’m not sure how yet, but I feel this is already helping me feel more balanced as a person, and I think it’s going to help my business too. I’ll keep you updated.

In love, light, and bliss,


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