Healing Stories with H: Breaking through fear to find peace and calm

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

‘Healing stories’ is a series of client journeys during intuitive healing sessions. In each of these journeys, the protagonist is guided into a deep meditative state where we ask the intuition to come through. The intuition then guides them through these multi-sensory journeys to heal by bringing balance in mind, body, and energy. And the results? Beyond words.

I guided H to invite in her intuition. In the middle of the process, I felt a block in my left hand and was guided to guide her there. She brought her awareness to her left hand before we even finished bringing her intuition into the rest of her body. She felt heaviness in the wrist and left hand. We asked her intuition to open up the connection and flow there for release. We then finished bringing her intuition into the body.

First we went to the left shoulder. She saw a piece of paper there with a hole forming in the middle. It was being burnt from the inside out. We watched it burn, and I was guided to ask that all contracts based in energies less than love be revoked across all times, dimensions, spaces, and realities.

Then she started seeing metal objects in her mind’s eye. A bar turned into a satellite. She was not able to connect with any of them. It almost seems like a transformer. I asked her to ask her intuition if it felt best to connect with or to disconnect from the transformer. Disconnect was the answer.

I intuitively saw magnets above her and guided her to imagine them there. We asked that the magnets be set at a frequency to attract and draw out any energies that were less than love, any heavy metals, or any other substances that weren’t in line with her highest good. She felt a strong pull starting at the top of her body that went all the way down. She felt energy being sucked out and into the magnet. Once it was finished, we asked that light of love and higher fill up her body.

We then went back to the hand, which felt heavy. She saw herself in a hole. She was looking up and out and saw the sky. There was grass around the edges of a hole, like perhaps she was in a forest or a prairie. She felt sad there. I guided her to touch the sides of the hole and imagine love and acceptance flowing out of her hands. A staircase began to form and she began moving upwards.

There was a moment of turbulence, but it smoothed out again and she continued upward. She felt scared to get to the top. We invited the fear to come with her and sent it love and acceptance. When she got to the top of the hole, she realized she was in her favorite place in the whole world – an island near where she grew up. She felt peace and calm move through her body.

Then she felt pressure in her chest. It was fear with a bit of sadness and anxiety. She felt it was her own. Anxiety and the word “dying” came up. We asked for guidance. She placed her hands on the tight place in her chest filled with anxiety and imagined love and acceptance flowing there. Slowly, it all flowed down her arm and out her hand into the ground. We asked that every place in her body where she released be filled with energies in line with her highest good.

At the end of the session, H felt hugely relieved and peaceful in her entire body. She described it as a “breakthrough” and huge release of unconscious feelings.

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