Healing Stories with S: Letting go of stress and pressure around getting things done

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‘Healing stories’ is a series of client journeys during intuitive healing sessions. In each of these journeys, the client is guided into a deep meditative state where we ask the intuition to come through. The intuition then guides them through these multi-sensory journeys to heal by bringing balance in mind, body, and energy. And the results? Beyond words.

At the beginning of our session, S was feeling really busy and pressured with work and all of her commitments. We decided to have a chat to go deeper.

Char: “Would you rather feel good about doing all the things you are doing or feel good doing less?”

S: “I would like to be happy doing less and saying no.”

Char: “Ideally, what would you feel like at the end of the week?”

S: In the moment, free from worry

Char: “Do you need the anxious feeling to stick to the schedules?”

S: “Yes.”

Char: “Is that true, or could that be a false belief?

S: “I’m not sure. When I have gaps in time I don’t do what I’m supposed to do so I generate the stress to stick to the schedule.”

Aha! Now we understood how the stress and pressure was serving her. There was a belief that it was driving her to get things done that she needed to do.

She mentioned that on Friday she can go at her own pace, and if it weren’t for a doctor’s appointment, she would’ve gotten nothing else done in the morning. Otherwise she would’ve been feeling lazy, going really slowly. It became clear that that’s when she feels in control.

Then a voice in her head said very clearly, “You wouldn’t get anything done without stress and pressure.”

And so we dove into a guided meditation and invited her intuition to guide her.

Starting out, the mind had ideas, plans, things to do, places to go. We thanked the mind for those ideas and asked that it remind her of them when she is ready to take loving action. We asked her mind to observe her intuition so they could work better together, more lovingly.

Then she heard a voice telling her to be in nature, somewhere green would be nice. She imagined being there. She watched black turn to green. Her mind stopped completely. She was shocked; there was no other noise.

Her intuition guided her to stretch her body and move her neck. She was told she needs a good stretch – yoga, a really good stretch. And a good hand and foot massage.

The intuition continued guiding her. “Make a plan with the boyfriend.” She was guided to ask him today what he’d like to do and arrange a time to connect so she doesn’t get upset that he’s unavailable.

More guidance came: “Think about the things I want to do, socially.” “There are specific plans at the moment, and I can arrange my time around that.” She was also instructed to leave gaps for herself around those plans. When I asked how that felt, she said it felt calmer.

Then she heard: “Things come up randomly, and I can’t say no.” When I asked whose voice it was, she said it’s hers and heard a friend’s voice as well. The friend is comfortable with saying no, and she’s similar to S in the sense that she has a lot going on. But the friend does what makes her feel good and says no to the rest.

The friend also has a trait that S would like. She convinces others to do what she wants. “But maybe I’m just very convincible,” pondered S. Then she realized, “I would like to convince others to do things that I want to do.”

“Can you do it?” I asked. “What would it take?”

The answer: To ask, or be willing to go by herself, and it doesn’t matter. That also gives her an opportunity to say no to everyone else’s plans when it doesn’t feel right.

The people she can ask to do things with her that she likes are not necessarily the same people that have other plans. If the people she asks don’t come, there will be more people coming into her life.

I asked if that felt doable. S replied confidently, “I have confidence in always meeting new people.”

The takeaways from her intuition: “Get a massage.” “A massage is not just treating your body, it’s also treating your mind and spirit.” “Do yoga.” And “Find something that’s for me. It’s not a social thing or to fit in. It’s just for me.”

So beautiful!!!

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