How to Manifest Abundance

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How to Manifest Abundance

Being abundant is your birthright. It is something we are all entitled to, and it is something we can all choose to be and feel. 

When I say abundance, I refer to an abundant flow of all that is good: relationships, emotions, career, friendships, and, of course, money. 

The abundance you welcome into your life is a reflection of your inner beliefs on what and how much you are worthy of those things. 

So how do you start to believe that you are worthy of all that is good?

You increase your belief in your personal value.

In this blog post, I share some easy ways to do just that so that you can begin to remember just how valuable you are in this world.

1. Create a valuable mantra and repeat it daily. Try these on for size: “I am overflowing with value.” “I am incredibly important.” “I am awesome and filled with infinite value.” “I am amazing and limitless.” The one that makes you feel most uncomfortable is probably the one you should repeat because you likely identify with it the least. Better yet, design your own awesomeness mantra.

2. Write down all the good things about you. Bust out your journal and start writing everything about you that is wonderful. Make sure to include your wins,  your lessons, and your personal characteristics. You can do this at the end of each day to celebrate yourself.

3. Begin to notice what you’re doing right. Whenever you notice negative or unproductive thoughts going on in your head around what you should/should’ve/could’ve done, change your inner dialogue. Begin noticing what you’re doing right. Are you breathing? Check. Does your body move? Check. Are you blinking? Check. Is your heart pumping? Check. Are you reading? Check. Are you spending time looking at something that was written with love? Check. That means you’re at least six things right, right now. You’re awesome. Recognize that.

Set a regular reminder in your phone to help you remember to practice. The more you practice these exercises, the more your belief in your own value will skyrocket and your abundance will match it.

The world deserves to see you shine. Shine on. 

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