Healing Stories: The meaning of life with M

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

This was a session filled with insight and emotional release. Both of these things flowed through M with ease, almost effortlessly in her first session with me.

Here are the notes:

I guided her into the session. The first thing she noticed was that her hands felt warm and she saw the color purple. She saw flashes of a mountain scene from a couple years ago. It made her feel excited. All of a sudden she felt hungry. 

Then she saw an ocean sunset at the beach. “I’m not a huge ocean person,” she said. But looking at the scene made her feel humble and small. She heard the words, “Let go.” It made her feel emotional, and she got teary. 

“It feels like more confusion than sadness,” she explained. She felt it in her heart and between her eyebrows. 

Next I had her imagine she could shrink down into a tiny holographic version of herself. She imagined going into her heart. Inside it looked foggy and gray. It felt like she doesn’t know which direction to go to get out of it. It looked the same all around.  

She sat and observed it for a bit. Then it felt windy with some sun peaking through. Immediately it cleared and she was back on the beach. She felt lighter. 

Next she saw green in her left eye. It was a dark, sage, forest green. Then she felt like a knot in her stomach released. She felt relaxed and self-assured all over. She heard the words, “It’s all good.” 

She became teary again. She felt it in her gut this time, and her fingertips were tingling. Sitting in the sensations she began to feel in control, grounded, free. She asked her gut if it had any messages for her. Then she saw lush rolling hills. She felt a sense of exploration and travel. 

Then a deck of tarot cards came into her mind.The cards said to let go of emotions that are dragging her down in order to get clarity to move forward. 

She was told, “Step away. Go outdoors, spend time outside.” She was already planning on going to Florida the following week  and was shown that the beach scenes will be like her refuge there. She realized she needed a work break and that she didn’t feel conscious of what she wanted. 

She could feel she needed to recharge. “What will help her do this?” I asked. The answer: new experiences, time with her partner, sunshine. 

She heard the words, “One step at a time.” “You’ll get there.” “Know you’re doing everything you can to take care of yourself.” 

We asked for anything else to come up for the day. She saw an exit sign flashing. It felt like a warning sign , shocking. She felt a sensation in her throat. She saw herself sitting next to the sign. She can put her hand on it but she can’t look at it. It felt annoying but not shameful. 

She said she would have felt more annoyed if she looked at it. Then she felt teary again. We explored what it would feel like if she looked or didn’t look at the sign. 

If she never looked at the sign, she would feel like she was missing something. If she did look at it, it would look like a whole different path. But it’s not the plan. It feels like there’s a better way.

“What would the best way for you look like?” I asked. Further on in the future, she saw extra support staff for her business and lots of time away. It felt far off from her current state. It felt exciting but she wants it to stay far away for now. 

She felt she has more growing to do and fun to have now before more responsibilities. 

Next she saw herself in space looking at the earth and seeing the reduce, reuse, recycle triangle in light blue spinning in front of the earth. She said it felt like a loop of lessons, and growth, and comfort over and over. This was occurring in present, past and future lives. 

She intuitively felt like it was saying “That’s what it’s all about.” The experience felt human and humbling. She heard, “Don’t take it so seriously. This is just a journey.” Then it faded out. 

Her takeaways: She was feeling “really content right now.” She was to reanalyze burnout and what she wants vs. what she needs. She was also told to release more emotions. She felt like she knew exactly what to do. 

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