Healing stories: Feeling intuitive ‘pings’ with MS

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

At the beginning of this session, MS talked about feeling much more confident regarding when her intuition is talking vs her mind, especially when it has to do with work, her spiritual path and/or romantic relationships.

“When I get the pings, I can identify them easier,” she said. She felt that last time her ‘lower self’ didn’t come through because she was empowered by the higher self. There was no chance for negative thoughts to come in because there simply wasn’t space when she was fully occupying her body.

I guided her into the session. Immediately a feeling of trust came through her whole body. She saw a lot of purple and felt it in between her eyes.

Her heart felt heavy – she described it as a surface level sensation. The feeling didn’t feel like it was hers. I guided her to imagine shrinking down into a tiny version of herself, and she imagined jumping into her chest.

It felt like the heaviness was sitting on the surface. Her intuition showed her a mirror, and it felt like she was magnifying something/one else’s energy. She wanted to let it go. She felt like a cord needed to be cut.

What came up was, “Boundaries – energetic boundaries – between compassion and slipping into unworthiness of being needed.” “There is a difference between listening and being there for others and taking on their energy.” She realized she had been allowing others’ emotions in, instead of holding space for them and letting their energy pass through. 

Her intuition guided her, “Everyday at the end of the day, shed that energy – whether it’s through visualization or physically shaking it off.” She already felt the weight on her chest minimizing. 

Then she felt swirling sensations of energy flowing through her body. She allowed it to exist without fear this time (as opposed to other times when she had felt it by herself). 

“Exploration, inspiration, curiosity,” came up. She felt an openness to possibilities in terms of career and contribution. Her mind is limiting when she thinks about these things – her “higher self” was telling her now to explore more. “It’s a very expansive energy,” she said. She noted there was a lot more out there than her mind is capable of thinking. 

She was guided to ask a lot of questions about/to the people that would come into her life over the next few months. 

Then she felt limitless expansive energy connecting her with the universe. 

She felt a nurturing curiosity, and saw an image of herself as a child. She asked the child if it had something it wanted to say. It told her to, “Not be afraid to play and explore and do the things that bring me joy in maybe an unexpected place. I don’t have to conform to norms and the social construct right now. If I’m feeling urges to sing or chant outside, I need to allow myself to do that. It’s not weird.”

“I think there’s a lot that I need to express.” “Inviting new experiences – my mind might feel inadequate,” because she said hadn’t been inviting in new experiences freely since she was younger. 

She was recently gifted an instrument that came up in her head. She was guided to allow herself the grace to not be good at something in the beginning to be good at it later, trusting herself and her autonomy and all the lessons that come with learning. This would help her with the bigger picture of trust.

The child came back. She mentioned that at before the ages 7-8 she was exploring on her own and discovering likes and dislikes. After that she felt she was limited with parental guidance and figures. The world was too scary, so she was told to stay close.

Now that she was living abroad, she was finding that security and learning nothing bad was going to happen while she explored. 

“I’m ready to take smaller leaps into my curiosity. I’m not bad, and nothing bad is going to happen if I explore.” She saw an image of a lot of excitement and play (as opposed to fear). 

She then saw her inner child asking her for permission, but felt it was really her asking herself for permission. 

She explained that since our first session, she’s felt pings of wanting to explore followed by approval and need for permission. She noticed she had felt the need to share it with others beforehand. She now understood these ideas were on a soul level, and she did not need permission. 

She realized how much permission had affected other areas of her life. She felt like she had fully granted herself permission to follow herself. She also felt like something will come up in the next couple weeks. 

Then she mentioned she’d been getting premonitions in her dreams. She felt like she was still closing chapters from last year. She believed she would get her new year energy in the next few weeks. There would be a lot of movement related to her career, and she needed to be ready. 

Then she felt energy flowing in her body and a grounding force in the base of her spine and her hands connecting her with the earth. She also felt a connection upwards through her head. It “feels like power and it’s comfortable.” 

Her self prescribed homework: watching the sunset and shaking off others’ energy at the end of the day.

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