Healing Stories: DS found acceptance through unexpected means

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

Sometimes answers come through ways we don’t expect, but they teach us exactly how to accept what is.

At the beginning of the session, DS was feeling resistance around a client call she had that evening. She felt she owed it to her business to offer that these clients continue to work with her, yet she also felt resistance.

Through talking about it, she realized that would only feel good if continuing to work together would be something that would help them. She was doubting if that was the case because of the lack of feedback she was getting.

“How do you want to feel about your work and clients?” She wanted to feel confident and of service. Right now she felt like the sessions could just end and ask the couple for a review – that would be the easy option. 

I guided her inward. 

The first thing that happened was she saw her paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother – the sources of her physical creation. This image brought up the feeling of a fight or resistance. Then she saw a person coming up, surrounded in gold light. She saw Mother Mary and Baby Jesus. The energy was beautiful, but she had a big mental resistance to seeing them because of negative connotations with Christianity. 

We asked that DS be able to look at the images she saw through neutral eyes and notice just their energy while healing any negative energy of guilt and shame that have been associated with Mary and Jesus and the church. The energy expanded, and the image faded.

Next she saw a gorilla on a piece of ice, floating in the sea. It had a bucket in its hands. It was throwing food to the fish. There were people on the shore trying to get the gorilla to go with them, but it didn’t want to.  She couldn’t place how the gorilla was feeling. She asked it, and it said it wanted to be left alone. It said it felt lost and didn’t know how it got to the arctic and not in the jungle. 

We asked the gorilla where it wanted to be. It said it wanted to be back in the playground. All the sudden it was on a playground, and it shrank into a toy gorilla. There was a kid running around with it in his hand. The gorilla felt much calmer here. It could close its eyes. It felt at peace. This was weird to her because the kid was running around wildly with it, yet she could feel the inner peace. 

She noticed she felt the ‘need’ to get a lesson from this image. She heard a voice, “It doesn’t have to mean anything. Just let it go and let it be.” 

She felt strong and sat with that feeling for a while. The feeling of being strong. What does it mean? Other images came through, but she couldn’t remember the details. 

The takeaway from the session today was in regards to her client call tonight: “Let it go and let be.”

And acceptance happened.

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