Healing Stories: TA found excitement in uncertainty and power in her decisions

A vibrant sunset with orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink hues to inspire connection with the energy around us

TA recently was offered a new job. She wanted to do a session with me because she wanted to ‘reset.’ I asked how she wanted to feel about the job. She replied: curious, excited, enthusiastic, full of hopeful optimism and expectation.

We began with the intuitive connection process.

All of the sudden she saw airplane going up with herself in the pilot seat. It felt fun and exciting and like she had control and power. “I am directing my course, charting my path.” There was something exhilarating about it. It reminded her of dreams she used to have where she would fly and would wake up really happy. 

It felt like those were dreams that made her think that one day she would have the power and control over her own life. Now she finally felt like she has it. 

This “speaks to the potential of the new job.” There’s so much possibility there,” and she felt high hopes about every aspect of it. “There will always be challenges, but right now it just feels like anything is possible.” “All this potential.”

Earlier this week she had felt panicked – “probably some self doubt there”. During our session, her feelings changed to feeling very excited, encouraged and hopeful. Today in particular her guidance was “to really just enjoy that sense of possibility. Not that [doubt] will go away completely, but it is an exciting in-between that you don’t get that much in life. Enjoy that in-between not knowing but having the expectation that anything is possible and good things are coming.” 

“I’m gonna spend the day meditating about that. There’s a part of me that wants to go to a park, lay in the grass, and stare at the sky.”

Then she began to think of her son and how children are always in the moment. Today her intuition guided her to be in the moment like a child, to enjoy the thrill of that and enjoy the moment.

She realized she wanted to make a great first impression. “It might be nice to imagine my first day. Set an intention. Think about what the first 15-20 minutes might look like. How I might introduce myself. Start off strong.” 

“I feel lighter and setting an intention and going out and staring at the sky.” “I’m excited for the job. I will start when I start.” 

This part felt complete so I asked if there was anything else she wanted to focus on. Yes, her relationship with her new partner.

Her boyfriend lives an hour away. She said that sometimes she struggled with thinking about how they are going to make it work. She had even considered her ex husband might be open to moving outside of the city along with her and their child. 

There were a lot of emotions tied to that. She felt very heavily emotionally invested in the new relationship. Her new partner is open to anything. But that pressure made her feel overwhelmed and pulled in one direction. 

The pressure to move to where her partner lives felt overwhelming and like she was giving up a lot. Her friends, her career that she’d built are in where she lives currently. She could feel the emotions in her chest. They felt heavy.

She imagined shrinking down and going inside her chest. She took a look around. It looked like a terrain, but she couldn’t identify it. She found a tunnel and was feeling the wall. It was bright on the other end. She started to get the sense that whatever decision she makes is okay. She had been feeling that any decision was final. But now she felt she could always change her mind. She still had control. 

“I will always have control.” She had been looking for someone to tell her what to do. “Whatever I decide, it’s reversible.” It felt much lighter. 

The tunnel showed her that it can feel like a dark decision, but there’s always light. “At the end of the day I can do what I want because I have the power to do what’s best for me.”

Takeaways: “I have a lot of gratitude for where I am right now. I’m happy I found a partner who I’m really compatible with and whose company I really enjoy.”

She ended the session breathing consciously and integrating gratitude into every cell of her body. And it was beautiful.

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