Healing Stories: Healing from feelings of incoherence and isolation

Notes from a client session, shared publicly, with permission, to inspire and heal the collective.

To maintain anonymity, the client will be referred to as MS.

MS and I began the session with a guided meditation to connect with the body. Whereas a usual guided meditation would start by focusing on the head and move downward, we were guided to focus on body parts totally ‘out of order’ bouncing from here to there. I asked about this and intuited “this was exactly as it needed to be today.” 

We asked her intuition to guide her. She felt tension in her lower abdomen. Her tailbone felt like it was pulling. She felt heat and energy moving in her womb space. 

It felt to her like a disconnect between the lower part and upper part of body. She still felt heat and energy in womb space. Her “heart space [center of chest]” felt hardened and felt like the opposite of lower half. At the same time, her mind felt isolated. 

“Incoherence” was the word that arose for her. Her mind was judging herself for feeling that way. There was lots of mental chatter; she couldn’t make sense of it. It sounded like little phrases of judgment. “My mind has seen incoherence as an enemy for so long,” she said. “I’m learning from incoherence and the signals of mind, body, and spirit that are trying to tell me something; there’s something that could change.”

“The lower half of the body represents the earth energy at the same frequency of synchronicities [physical manifestation of synchronicities]. The heart space is grasping at what’s tangible in the physical world in front of me. The mind is too fearful to let go of the incoherence even though it sees it as an enemy because the idea of homeostasis feels unattainable.”

She felt the physical pull in her tailbone gave her the proof her mind was seeking around these synchronicities, and her heart was feeling “the emotions that support what spirit is showing her.” But judgment came from having had “proof and endless tools around me and not actually putting them into practice.” 

“My mind wants organization and sequential order to the emotions, to the unseen, which directly contradicts the unseen and the essence of that.” 

All three, the mind, heart, and womb, when not in coherence, were “intensifying the feeling of isolation.” “Isolation encourages a bleak attitude towards life, the human experience, and questioning where the good in it exists.” 

Incoherence she realized is a tool in itself and is a very “clear and apparent signal” that she was placing her attention elsewhere. It was gently nudging and guiding her to the areas where she should be placing her attention in order to soothe the feelings of isolation.   

“Incoherence is ever changing in a pattern.” If MS were to jump into it, she would have to recognize its pattern to land. It showed her it’s a lot simpler than she made it out to be. The way incoherence moved was all variations of the same pattern.

“As I’m looking at it now, I realize I do recognize it. This animosity my mind feels towards incoherence is the same attitude that my mind feels towards predictability and safety. Incoherence and what my mind considers security are very similar because my mind has found security in the patterns of incoherence.”

It felt like her heart was emitting feelings (signals) of sadness and that the mind refused to be consciously aware of the patterns and choose lovingly.

“The heart is consistently guiding the rest of my body towards loving decisions.”

The womb created physical effects when the mind opposed the heart. “Physical manifestations that when accumulated and listed out becomes and extensive list of health concerns that my body is exhibiting as a direct result of my mind ignoring the loving choices.” 

“Tension and skin issues have been coming up. Hair loss. Tingling and painful sensations.” She became aware of them in the session. She had noticed them before and disregarded the sensations. It felt like the physical manifestations were reflecting buildup – an accumulation. 

“The body needs loving attention, compassion, non judgment.” She was giving it the attention now. “The compassion is there but more towards past decisions. The nonjudgment and presence that is required of nonjudgment has a lot of resistance.” She felt the resistance in her skull. 

It was resistance to anything her mind considers habitual, inclusive of the non loving habits and thought patterns. “It’s there because there’s something discouraging and defeating about creating new structures, patterns, and habitual behaviors because that requires consistency. The mind feels capable of making infrequent loving decisions, but it feels too hard to make loving choices consistently. The mind has a belief that it requires too much mental exertion to make loving choices consistently or desiring to – [there is] a sexiness to unconscious ease. There is more ease in the unloving choices.”

“The mind knows this on a neurological level too, and those neural pathways are difficult to change but not impossible. There’s a complacency, a laziness, there. That’s what makes the heart area feel neglected and sad because my mind is too lazy to follow its suggestions.” 

“The role the womb plays is becoming increasingly more aggressive with the physical sensations so that the fear of putting work into making loving choices will be outweighed by a fear of something more painful or serious in the body.” 

The lower third of the body had the same intensity as the heart trying to communicate to the mind that this complacency and ignoring the loving choices could have a serious effect. 

“Letting the mind not be in control would require trust in the other parts as well as detachment to ease and an openness to a new approach.” That required a high level of attentiveness. “I have a fear of this attentiveness because… the attentiveness invites all of the ignored feelings and emotions and energies that have been stored within me for so long. I don’t know if I would be capable of handling that.”

Me: “Do you think the universe would give you something you’re not capable of handling?” 

MS: “No” (with a faint giggle)

“I feel like I did bring attention to the things that I’ve been ignoring.” 

At the close of the session, we asked for a takeaway message. She saw in her mind’s eye a representation of the human experience: an edamame bean with mind, heart, and womb inside. They weren’t in order. We laughed out loud.

Healing Stories: TA found excitement in uncertainty and power in her decisions

TA recently was offered a new job. She wanted to do a session with me because she wanted to ‘reset.’ I asked how she wanted to feel about the job. She replied: curious, excited, enthusiastic, full of hopeful optimism and expectation.

We began with the intuitive connection process.

All of the sudden she saw airplane going up with herself in the pilot seat. It felt fun and exciting and like she had control and power. “I am directing my course, charting my path.” There was something exhilarating about it. It reminded her of dreams she used to have where she would fly and would wake up really happy. 

It felt like those were dreams that made her think that one day she would have the power and control over her own life. Now she finally felt like she has it. 

This “speaks to the potential of the new job.” There’s so much possibility there,” and she felt high hopes about every aspect of it. “There will always be challenges, but right now it just feels like anything is possible.” “All this potential.”

Earlier this week she had felt panicked – “probably some self doubt there”. During our session, her feelings changed to feeling very excited, encouraged and hopeful. Today in particular her guidance was “to really just enjoy that sense of possibility. Not that [doubt] will go away completely, but it is an exciting in-between that you don’t get that much in life. Enjoy that in-between not knowing but having the expectation that anything is possible and good things are coming.” 

“I’m gonna spend the day meditating about that. There’s a part of me that wants to go to a park, lay in the grass, and stare at the sky.”

Then she began to think of her son and how children are always in the moment. Today her intuition guided her to be in the moment like a child, to enjoy the thrill of that and enjoy the moment.

She realized she wanted to make a great first impression. “It might be nice to imagine my first day. Set an intention. Think about what the first 15-20 minutes might look like. How I might introduce myself. Start off strong.” 

“I feel lighter and setting an intention and going out and staring at the sky.” “I’m excited for the job. I will start when I start.” 

This part felt complete so I asked if there was anything else she wanted to focus on. Yes, her relationship with her new partner.

Her boyfriend lives an hour away. She said that sometimes she struggled with thinking about how they are going to make it work. She had even considered her ex husband might be open to moving outside of the city along with her and their child. 

There were a lot of emotions tied to that. She felt very heavily emotionally invested in the new relationship. Her new partner is open to anything. But that pressure made her feel overwhelmed and pulled in one direction. 

The pressure to move to where her partner lives felt overwhelming and like she was giving up a lot. Her friends, her career that she’d built are in where she lives currently. She could feel the emotions in her chest. They felt heavy.

She imagined shrinking down and going inside her chest. She took a look around. It looked like a terrain, but she couldn’t identify it. She found a tunnel and was feeling the wall. It was bright on the other end. She started to get the sense that whatever decision she makes is okay. She had been feeling that any decision was final. But now she felt she could always change her mind. She still had control. 

“I will always have control.” She had been looking for someone to tell her what to do. “Whatever I decide, it’s reversible.” It felt much lighter. 

The tunnel showed her that it can feel like a dark decision, but there’s always light. “At the end of the day I can do what I want because I have the power to do what’s best for me.”

Takeaways: “I have a lot of gratitude for where I am right now. I’m happy I found a partner who I’m really compatible with and whose company I really enjoy.”

She ended the session breathing consciously and integrating gratitude into every cell of her body. And it was beautiful.

Historias de sanación: MR ha dejado el miedo de conectar con su fuente (English version below)

MR me explicó que se sentía desconectada. Llevaba un tiempo sin meditar, como hacía antes, y se sufría su salud física y mental. También dijo que cuando está conectada consigo misma, se siente desconectada con la gente. Esta contradicción naturalmente le bloqueaba de conectar.

Hemos pedido que el conflicto entre conectarse con ella misma y desconectar con la gente se sanara para que pudiera sentirse conectada con todo su amor.

MR sintió “mucha energía” en las manos. Le pedí imaginar que pudiese disminuirse a una versión holográfica mini de ella misma y entrar en las manos. Vio el color rojo. Les hemos preguntado a las manos si tenían algo que decir. Dijeron que tuvieron un mensaje para MR, y ella los empezó a contar, palabra por palabra:

Trabajo duro.
Vida conectada.

Las manos le contaron todo lo que ofrecen. Ella sintió la energía de cada palabra con todo el cuerpo, y les dio mucho agradecimiento. El color de rojo que estaba antes, se había convertido en rosa. Se sintió paz.

De repente, le pinchó un dolor en el brazo. Respiró allí, y le hemos preguntado que necesitaba. Respondió que necesitaba amor y cariño de su mamá. “¿Quién te lo puede dar?” MR empezó a nombrar todos los amigos y familiares, uno por uno, que le daba amor y cariño. La última, y más importante, era ella misma.

Después se sintió una sensación en el estomago, detrás del ombligo. Imaginó que se podía disminuir y entrar allí. Vio el color verde. Se convirtió en una escena bella de naturaleza, montañas con nieve y sol. Ella se vio a sí mismo, dormida y cayéndose de la montaña. Antes de llegar abajo, volvió arriba y se repitió.

Se vio a sí mismo cayéndose y volviendo otra y otra vez. Después de verlo varias veces desde una perspectiva de compasión, dijo, “Soy creativa y espontánea, y me pasa, me angustia.” Le pedí que me lo explicara más. “Hace sin pensar no me hace bien.” “Me engancha para no quedar en paz.”

Al darse cuenta de esto, se resolvió solo. Decidió ser menos ambiciosa. “¿Cómo se ve, ser menos ambiciosa?” le pregunté. “Puedo respirar profundamente. Estoy caminando libremente.”

De último, se sintió algo en el pecho. Una vez allí, vio un humo gris, como contaminación. Hubo dolor allí, y quería control. “¿Cómo se siente tener todo el control?” le pregunté. “Antinatural. Preocupación. Egoísmo,” me respondió.

“¿Cómo te sientes sin control?” le pregunté. “Libre,” respondió con calma en la voz. “Quiero vivir libre en paz, sin control.”

Pasó un par de minutos viéndose a sí mismo organizando su trabajo y sus proyectos. Terminó y se sintió bien.

Hemos pedido un takeaway de la sesión, y fue, “No tengas miedo, conecta con tu fuente. Todos los males vienen de no estar conectada con tu fuente.”

Se marchó con todo su nueva sabiduría, y la más importante, una paz interior profunda y conectada.

How MR stopped being afraid of connecting with her source (English version)

MR explained to me that she felt very disconnected from herself. This disconnection was negatively affecting her physical and mental health. She also said that during times of her life when she felt really connected with herself, she felt disconnected from others. This conflict was naturally blocking her from staying connected.

We began by asking that the conflict between connecting with herself and with others be healed so that she could connect to everything with love.

The first thing MR felt was “a lot of energy” in her hands. She imagined she could shrink down into a tiny holographic version of herself and went into her hands. She saw the color red. We asked if her hands had anything they wanted to share. They said they had a message for MR, and she recounted it word for word:

Hard Work.
Connected life.

Her hands listed everything they gave to her. She felt the energy of every word with her whole body, and she thanked her hands. The color red from before changed to pink. She felt peace.

Next she felt a pinch in her arm. She breathed deeply there, and we asked what her arm needed. It said she needed love and care from her mother. “Who can offer that to you now?” I asked. MR listed off the names of friends and family members that can give her all the love and care she needs. The last person, and the most important, was herself.

Then she felt a sensation behind her bellybutton. She imagined shrinking down and entering her body there. She saw the color green that suddenly transformed into a beautiful nature scene of mountains, snow and sun. She saw herself sleeping on the mountain and rolling off the side. Before she hit the bottom, the scene repeated itself.

She watched herself fall several times. I asked her to try to watch it from a place of compassion and then ask if it could teach her something. She said, “I’m creative and spontaneous. This happens and it upsets me.” I asked her to explain further.

She said, “Doing things without thinking is not go for me. It gets me stuck, and then I have no peace.”

With this simple realization, the scene and the energy resolved itself. She decided to be less ambitious. “What does it look like to be less ambitious?” I asked. “I can breathe deeply. I’m walking freely.”

Finally, MR felt something in the center of her chest. Once there, she saw a gray smoke, like pollution. There was pain there. When we asked what it wanted, the pain replied, “Control.”

“How does it feel to have all the control?” I asked her. “Unnatural. Worries. Egoistic,” she responsed.

“How does it feel to not have control?” I asked. “Free,” she responded calmly. “I want to live in peace without control.”

The next few minutes she followed her intuition and watched herself organizing her work and her projects. She felt good when she finished.

We asked for a takeaway from the session. She said, “Don’t be afraid; connect with your source. Everything bad comes from not connecting with your source.”

She left with all of her new wisdom and most importantly, a deep and connected inner peace.

Healing Stories: DS found acceptance through unexpected means

Sometimes answers come through ways we don’t expect, but they teach us exactly how to accept what is.

At the beginning of the session, DS was feeling resistance around a client call she had that evening. She felt she owed it to her business to offer that these clients continue to work with her, yet she also felt resistance.

Through talking about it, she realized that would only feel good if continuing to work together would be something that would help them. She was doubting if that was the case because of the lack of feedback she was getting.

“How do you want to feel about your work and clients?” She wanted to feel confident and of service. Right now she felt like the sessions could just end and ask the couple for a review – that would be the easy option. 

I guided her inward. 

The first thing that happened was she saw her paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother – the sources of her physical creation. This image brought up the feeling of a fight or resistance. Then she saw a person coming up, surrounded in gold light. She saw Mother Mary and Baby Jesus. The energy was beautiful, but she had a big mental resistance to seeing them because of negative connotations with Christianity. 

We asked that DS be able to look at the images she saw through neutral eyes and notice just their energy while healing any negative energy of guilt and shame that have been associated with Mary and Jesus and the church. The energy expanded, and the image faded.

Next she saw a gorilla on a piece of ice, floating in the sea. It had a bucket in its hands. It was throwing food to the fish. There were people on the shore trying to get the gorilla to go with them, but it didn’t want to.  She couldn’t place how the gorilla was feeling. She asked it, and it said it wanted to be left alone. It said it felt lost and didn’t know how it got to the arctic and not in the jungle. 

We asked the gorilla where it wanted to be. It said it wanted to be back in the playground. All the sudden it was on a playground, and it shrank into a toy gorilla. There was a kid running around with it in his hand. The gorilla felt much calmer here. It could close its eyes. It felt at peace. This was weird to her because the kid was running around wildly with it, yet she could feel the inner peace. 

She noticed she felt the ‘need’ to get a lesson from this image. She heard a voice, “It doesn’t have to mean anything. Just let it go and let it be.” 

She felt strong and sat with that feeling for a while. The feeling of being strong. What does it mean? Other images came through, but she couldn’t remember the details. 

The takeaway from the session today was in regards to her client call tonight: “Let it go and let be.”

And acceptance happened.

Healing stories: Feeling intuitive ‘pings’ with MS

At the beginning of this session, MS talked about feeling much more confident regarding when her intuition is talking vs her mind, especially when it has to do with work, her spiritual path and/or romantic relationships.

“When I get the pings, I can identify them easier,” she said. She felt that last time her ‘lower self’ didn’t come through because she was empowered by the higher self. There was no chance for negative thoughts to come in because there simply wasn’t space when she was fully occupying her body.

I guided her into the session. Immediately a feeling of trust came through her whole body. She saw a lot of purple and felt it in between her eyes.

Her heart felt heavy – she described it as a surface level sensation. The feeling didn’t feel like it was hers. I guided her to imagine shrinking down into a tiny version of herself, and she imagined jumping into her chest.

It felt like the heaviness was sitting on the surface. Her intuition showed her a mirror, and it felt like she was magnifying something/one else’s energy. She wanted to let it go. She felt like a cord needed to be cut.

What came up was, “Boundaries – energetic boundaries – between compassion and slipping into unworthiness of being needed.” “There is a difference between listening and being there for others and taking on their energy.” She realized she had been allowing others’ emotions in, instead of holding space for them and letting their energy pass through. 

Her intuition guided her, “Everyday at the end of the day, shed that energy – whether it’s through visualization or physically shaking it off.” She already felt the weight on her chest minimizing. 

Then she felt swirling sensations of energy flowing through her body. She allowed it to exist without fear this time (as opposed to other times when she had felt it by herself). 

“Exploration, inspiration, curiosity,” came up. She felt an openness to possibilities in terms of career and contribution. Her mind is limiting when she thinks about these things – her “higher self” was telling her now to explore more. “It’s a very expansive energy,” she said. She noted there was a lot more out there than her mind is capable of thinking. 

She was guided to ask a lot of questions about/to the people that would come into her life over the next few months. 

Then she felt limitless expansive energy connecting her with the universe. 

She felt a nurturing curiosity, and saw an image of herself as a child. She asked the child if it had something it wanted to say. It told her to, “Not be afraid to play and explore and do the things that bring me joy in maybe an unexpected place. I don’t have to conform to norms and the social construct right now. If I’m feeling urges to sing or chant outside, I need to allow myself to do that. It’s not weird.”

“I think there’s a lot that I need to express.” “Inviting new experiences – my mind might feel inadequate,” because she said hadn’t been inviting in new experiences freely since she was younger. 

She was recently gifted an instrument that came up in her head. She was guided to allow herself the grace to not be good at something in the beginning to be good at it later, trusting herself and her autonomy and all the lessons that come with learning. This would help her with the bigger picture of trust.

The child came back. She mentioned that at before the ages 7-8 she was exploring on her own and discovering likes and dislikes. After that she felt she was limited with parental guidance and figures. The world was too scary, so she was told to stay close.

Now that she was living abroad, she was finding that security and learning nothing bad was going to happen while she explored. 

“I’m ready to take smaller leaps into my curiosity. I’m not bad, and nothing bad is going to happen if I explore.” She saw an image of a lot of excitement and play (as opposed to fear). 

She then saw her inner child asking her for permission, but felt it was really her asking herself for permission. 

She explained that since our first session, she’s felt pings of wanting to explore followed by approval and need for permission. She noticed she had felt the need to share it with others beforehand. She now understood these ideas were on a soul level, and she did not need permission. 

She realized how much permission had affected other areas of her life. She felt like she had fully granted herself permission to follow herself. She also felt like something will come up in the next couple weeks. 

Then she mentioned she’d been getting premonitions in her dreams. She felt like she was still closing chapters from last year. She believed she would get her new year energy in the next few weeks. There would be a lot of movement related to her career, and she needed to be ready. 

Then she felt energy flowing in her body and a grounding force in the base of her spine and her hands connecting her with the earth. She also felt a connection upwards through her head. It “feels like power and it’s comfortable.” 

Her self prescribed homework: watching the sunset and shaking off others’ energy at the end of the day.

Healing Stories: The meaning of life with M

This was a session filled with insight and emotional release. Both of these things flowed through M with ease, almost effortlessly in her first session with me.

Here are the notes:

I guided her into the session. The first thing she noticed was that her hands felt warm and she saw the color purple. She saw flashes of a mountain scene from a couple years ago. It made her feel excited. All of a sudden she felt hungry. 

Then she saw an ocean sunset at the beach. “I’m not a huge ocean person,” she said. But looking at the scene made her feel humble and small. She heard the words, “Let go.” It made her feel emotional, and she got teary. 

“It feels like more confusion than sadness,” she explained. She felt it in her heart and between her eyebrows. 

Next I had her imagine she could shrink down into a tiny holographic version of herself. She imagined going into her heart. Inside it looked foggy and gray. It felt like she doesn’t know which direction to go to get out of it. It looked the same all around.  

She sat and observed it for a bit. Then it felt windy with some sun peaking through. Immediately it cleared and she was back on the beach. She felt lighter. 

Next she saw green in her left eye. It was a dark, sage, forest green. Then she felt like a knot in her stomach released. She felt relaxed and self-assured all over. She heard the words, “It’s all good.” 

She became teary again. She felt it in her gut this time, and her fingertips were tingling. Sitting in the sensations she began to feel in control, grounded, free. She asked her gut if it had any messages for her. Then she saw lush rolling hills. She felt a sense of exploration and travel. 

Then a deck of tarot cards came into her mind.The cards said to let go of emotions that are dragging her down in order to get clarity to move forward. 

She was told, “Step away. Go outdoors, spend time outside.” She was already planning on going to Florida the following week  and was shown that the beach scenes will be like her refuge there. She realized she needed a work break and that she didn’t feel conscious of what she wanted. 

She could feel she needed to recharge. “What will help her do this?” I asked. The answer: new experiences, time with her partner, sunshine. 

She heard the words, “One step at a time.” “You’ll get there.” “Know you’re doing everything you can to take care of yourself.” 

We asked for anything else to come up for the day. She saw an exit sign flashing. It felt like a warning sign , shocking. She felt a sensation in her throat. She saw herself sitting next to the sign. She can put her hand on it but she can’t look at it. It felt annoying but not shameful. 

She said she would have felt more annoyed if she looked at it. Then she felt teary again. We explored what it would feel like if she looked or didn’t look at the sign. 

If she never looked at the sign, she would feel like she was missing something. If she did look at it, it would look like a whole different path. But it’s not the plan. It feels like there’s a better way.

“What would the best way for you look like?” I asked. Further on in the future, she saw extra support staff for her business and lots of time away. It felt far off from her current state. It felt exciting but she wants it to stay far away for now. 

She felt she has more growing to do and fun to have now before more responsibilities. 

Next she saw herself in space looking at the earth and seeing the reduce, reuse, recycle triangle in light blue spinning in front of the earth. She said it felt like a loop of lessons, and growth, and comfort over and over. This was occurring in present, past and future lives. 

She intuitively felt like it was saying “That’s what it’s all about.” The experience felt human and humbling. She heard, “Don’t take it so seriously. This is just a journey.” Then it faded out. 

Her takeaways: She was feeling “really content right now.” She was to reanalyze burnout and what she wants vs. what she needs. She was also told to release more emotions. She felt like she knew exactly what to do. 

How to Manifest Abundance

How to Manifest Abundance

Being abundant is your birthright. It is something we are all entitled to, and it is something we can all choose to be and feel. 

When I say abundance, I refer to an abundant flow of all that is good: relationships, emotions, career, friendships, and, of course, money. 

The abundance you welcome into your life is a reflection of your inner beliefs on what and how much you are worthy of those things. 

So how do you start to believe that you are worthy of all that is good?

You increase your belief in your personal value.

In this blog post, I share some easy ways to do just that so that you can begin to remember just how valuable you are in this world.

1. Create a valuable mantra and repeat it daily. Try these on for size: “I am overflowing with value.” “I am incredibly important.” “I am awesome and filled with infinite value.” “I am amazing and limitless.” The one that makes you feel most uncomfortable is probably the one you should repeat because you likely identify with it the least. Better yet, design your own awesomeness mantra.

2. Write down all the good things about you. Bust out your journal and start writing everything about you that is wonderful. Make sure to include your wins,  your lessons, and your personal characteristics. You can do this at the end of each day to celebrate yourself.

3. Begin to notice what you’re doing right. Whenever you notice negative or unproductive thoughts going on in your head around what you should/should’ve/could’ve done, change your inner dialogue. Begin noticing what you’re doing right. Are you breathing? Check. Does your body move? Check. Are you blinking? Check. Is your heart pumping? Check. Are you reading? Check. Are you spending time looking at something that was written with love? Check. That means you’re at least six things right, right now. You’re awesome. Recognize that.

Set a regular reminder in your phone to help you remember to practice. The more you practice these exercises, the more your belief in your own value will skyrocket and your abundance will match it.

The world deserves to see you shine. Shine on. 

Healing Stories with S: Letting go of stress and pressure around getting things done

‘Healing stories’ is a series of client journeys during intuitive healing sessions. In each of these journeys, the client is guided into a deep meditative state where we ask the intuition to come through. The intuition then guides them through these multi-sensory journeys to heal by bringing balance in mind, body, and energy. And the results? Beyond words.

At the beginning of our session, S was feeling really busy and pressured with work and all of her commitments. We decided to have a chat to go deeper.

Char: “Would you rather feel good about doing all the things you are doing or feel good doing less?”

S: “I would like to be happy doing less and saying no.”

Char: “Ideally, what would you feel like at the end of the week?”

S: In the moment, free from worry

Char: “Do you need the anxious feeling to stick to the schedules?”

S: “Yes.”

Char: “Is that true, or could that be a false belief?

S: “I’m not sure. When I have gaps in time I don’t do what I’m supposed to do so I generate the stress to stick to the schedule.”

Aha! Now we understood how the stress and pressure was serving her. There was a belief that it was driving her to get things done that she needed to do.

She mentioned that on Friday she can go at her own pace, and if it weren’t for a doctor’s appointment, she would’ve gotten nothing else done in the morning. Otherwise she would’ve been feeling lazy, going really slowly. It became clear that that’s when she feels in control.

Then a voice in her head said very clearly, “You wouldn’t get anything done without stress and pressure.”

And so we dove into a guided meditation and invited her intuition to guide her.

Starting out, the mind had ideas, plans, things to do, places to go. We thanked the mind for those ideas and asked that it remind her of them when she is ready to take loving action. We asked her mind to observe her intuition so they could work better together, more lovingly.

Then she heard a voice telling her to be in nature, somewhere green would be nice. She imagined being there. She watched black turn to green. Her mind stopped completely. She was shocked; there was no other noise.

Her intuition guided her to stretch her body and move her neck. She was told she needs a good stretch – yoga, a really good stretch. And a good hand and foot massage.

The intuition continued guiding her. “Make a plan with the boyfriend.” She was guided to ask him today what he’d like to do and arrange a time to connect so she doesn’t get upset that he’s unavailable.

More guidance came: “Think about the things I want to do, socially.” “There are specific plans at the moment, and I can arrange my time around that.” She was also instructed to leave gaps for herself around those plans. When I asked how that felt, she said it felt calmer.

Then she heard: “Things come up randomly, and I can’t say no.” When I asked whose voice it was, she said it’s hers and heard a friend’s voice as well. The friend is comfortable with saying no, and she’s similar to S in the sense that she has a lot going on. But the friend does what makes her feel good and says no to the rest.

The friend also has a trait that S would like. She convinces others to do what she wants. “But maybe I’m just very convincible,” pondered S. Then she realized, “I would like to convince others to do things that I want to do.”

“Can you do it?” I asked. “What would it take?”

The answer: To ask, or be willing to go by herself, and it doesn’t matter. That also gives her an opportunity to say no to everyone else’s plans when it doesn’t feel right.

The people she can ask to do things with her that she likes are not necessarily the same people that have other plans. If the people she asks don’t come, there will be more people coming into her life.

I asked if that felt doable. S replied confidently, “I have confidence in always meeting new people.”

The takeaways from her intuition: “Get a massage.” “A massage is not just treating your body, it’s also treating your mind and spirit.” “Do yoga.” And “Find something that’s for me. It’s not a social thing or to fit in. It’s just for me.”

So beautiful!!!

Healing Stories with H: Breaking through fear to find peace and calm

‘Healing stories’ is a series of client journeys during intuitive healing sessions. In each of these journeys, the protagonist is guided into a deep meditative state where we ask the intuition to come through. The intuition then guides them through these multi-sensory journeys to heal by bringing balance in mind, body, and energy. And the results? Beyond words.

I guided H to invite in her intuition. In the middle of the process, I felt a block in my left hand and was guided to guide her there. She brought her awareness to her left hand before we even finished bringing her intuition into the rest of her body. She felt heaviness in the wrist and left hand. We asked her intuition to open up the connection and flow there for release. We then finished bringing her intuition into the body.

First we went to the left shoulder. She saw a piece of paper there with a hole forming in the middle. It was being burnt from the inside out. We watched it burn, and I was guided to ask that all contracts based in energies less than love be revoked across all times, dimensions, spaces, and realities.

Then she started seeing metal objects in her mind’s eye. A bar turned into a satellite. She was not able to connect with any of them. It almost seems like a transformer. I asked her to ask her intuition if it felt best to connect with or to disconnect from the transformer. Disconnect was the answer.

I intuitively saw magnets above her and guided her to imagine them there. We asked that the magnets be set at a frequency to attract and draw out any energies that were less than love, any heavy metals, or any other substances that weren’t in line with her highest good. She felt a strong pull starting at the top of her body that went all the way down. She felt energy being sucked out and into the magnet. Once it was finished, we asked that light of love and higher fill up her body.

We then went back to the hand, which felt heavy. She saw herself in a hole. She was looking up and out and saw the sky. There was grass around the edges of a hole, like perhaps she was in a forest or a prairie. She felt sad there. I guided her to touch the sides of the hole and imagine love and acceptance flowing out of her hands. A staircase began to form and she began moving upwards.

There was a moment of turbulence, but it smoothed out again and she continued upward. She felt scared to get to the top. We invited the fear to come with her and sent it love and acceptance. When she got to the top of the hole, she realized she was in her favorite place in the whole world – an island near where she grew up. She felt peace and calm move through her body.

Then she felt pressure in her chest. It was fear with a bit of sadness and anxiety. She felt it was her own. Anxiety and the word “dying” came up. We asked for guidance. She placed her hands on the tight place in her chest filled with anxiety and imagined love and acceptance flowing there. Slowly, it all flowed down her arm and out her hand into the ground. We asked that every place in her body where she released be filled with energies in line with her highest good.

At the end of the session, H felt hugely relieved and peaceful in her entire body. She described it as a “breakthrough” and huge release of unconscious feelings.

Healing Stories: A personal experience with fear and intuition

These are session notes of my personal experience from a regular exchange session I do with my own coach, Denise Suarez. Denise is a parenting coach, and is an amazing space holder. She has helped me to go within and do incredible self-work and has been an integral part in my personal growth over the last year. 

At the beginning of our session, I talked about my progress in an ongoing process of releasing false responsibility in my relationships. I had made a big breakthrough and was feeling good, yet when I recounted the story, there was something that still felt icky.  

I was questioning the decisions I had made as I recalled the feelings of fear and discomfort that came up over the last few months. I realized I was feeling deceived by my intuition. Feeling tricked. I realized there was a (until now subconscious) part of me that was expecting that everything was going to be rainbows and unicorns when I followed my intuition, and I had been feeling deceived when it felt challenging or scary. 

Denise asked what I wanted to do. I felt guided to get to know these feelings better.

I asked myself what it would feel like to hold onto this feeling of deception. I felt a lot of tightness and pressure in the muscles in my chest and neck and a bit in the center of my forehead as well. I asked what it would feel like to let it go. 

I could feel the tightness go away in my forehead, and as it did, I saw a sliver of a luminous cloud scene. Something was keeping this scene from opening all the way. 

Denise asked me what was keeping it from opening. I looked at the sides of the scene and saw black, shadow-like hands holding on and keeping the cloud scene from opening wider. I imagined placing my own hands on the hands of fear. They dissolved into air. The cloud scene grew slightly wider. 

Now the beautiful cloud scene was being kept from opening by giant wooden posts – one on each side. They were filled with splinters, and as I reached out, splinters jumped into my hand. It had tried to scare me away. The posts said they were protecting me. “From what?” Denise asked. Answer: From pain. 

I thanked the posts and watched the splinters disintegrate into my hands, returning to light. I placed my hands on the posts, and posts began to splinter, falling into the ground. The cloud scene opened a bit further.

Inside the wooden posts were round, metal posts. The fear here felt like one of paralysis rather than force or aggression, like the previous shadow hands and wooden posts. They asked for understanding and company. I sat with them, and let them know I would stay with them. 

The posts dissolved into the ground, and what was left were two, stone bases in which the posts had been anchored. The stones were stuck in the ground, encapsulating more fear. I wasn’t sure what to do here, so I asked my intuition for guidance. It guided me to lay on the stones, chest down. 

On the first stone, I felt fears moving upward into my chest. It felt scary, but I kept going and watched the fears transmute into free flowing energy in my chest. I went over to the second stone. The fear began to come up, but then it stopped. 

I asked the stone what it needed. It said love. I caressed the stone with my hand and sent it love. It began to melt and transform. 

All of a sudden, what was left was a bunny in a beautiful green meadow with rolling hills. The beautiful clouds and sky were above, and the whole scene was fully visible now. The bunny began to hop around and ran away before eventually circling back to me. I asked if it needed anything, and it began to change shapes. This also frightened me, so I asked my intuition for guidance.

I held my hands out towards it and imagined projecting loving energy towards it. There were duplicates of my hands all around the shapeshifting creature, forming a circle and sending it up into the sky. A beam of light came down to meet it, and the creature took on the form of a dragon. 

It was simply blue light, in the outline of a dragon. The dragon flew around, moving into the sky, and into the earth. It was having fun. It said it was there to protect me. Having fun and allowing free motion was integral in this protection. It showed me, “Fear isn’t needed for protection, just fun, light, and love.” It told me it would come back whenever I called upon it. I felt lighter and more open and so relaxed.