Guided Body Scan Meditation: a Mindful Meditation especially for empaths!

The guided body scan is probably my favorite mindfulness tools. You see, one of my strongest intuitive abilities is clairsentience. What does that mean, you might ask? Clairsentience is the ability to feel clearly. Clairsentients can sense information intuitively through our own physical sensations. This means we may physically feel what others are feeling in my own body or we might receive guidance from my intuition through body sensations.

Before I learned how to define my energetic boundaries, my clairsentience felt like a curse. I took on other people’s energy left and right. My body was constantly picking up emotions and physical pain from friends, family, and even strangers around me and trying to process it. But I didn’t know how to process it. It was so overwhelming, I had to shut down my intuitive abilities and find a way to close off to the world. Some of the ways I did this was by changing my posture, avoiding eye contact, and avoiding deep conversations, especially ones where people were sharing their emotions. I shut down so much I could barely feel my own emotions within my body.

Fast forward to my mid twenties when I began daily meditation and working with a somatic therapist. Some of my intuitive abilities began to reopen. I could feel more again. I learned how to identify some of the emotions I had been carrying around in my body for so long. Anger felt like a ball in my abdomen. Fear of rejection felt like a tearing in my chest. Joy felt like a lightness all around my body. It was freeing! However, opening up my own ability to feel also meant opening myself up to feeling others’ again.

A few years later, I thankfully I found a wonderful energy worker and teacher named Jeffrey Allen. Through a course of Jeffrey´s I learned that I could have seniority over my space and my energy. I could use my mind and intent to physically change the energy around my body. I could clear out energy that wasn’t mine, and I could create a barrier that kept others’ energy from coming into my space. It took me quite a while to master this skill, as I had spent so much of my life trying to heal other subconsciously by taking on their energy.

I am thankful to have reached a level where I now when I take on others’ energy, it is mostly during healing sessions, and I know how to clear it and release that connection when we finish a session. However, I still occasionally find myself yawning incessantly until I realize my body is trying to heal a singer on the the radio. I know that this is a skill I was blessed with, and it’s also a habit that I am slowly bringing into my consciousness to be aware of it 100% of the time. Because I’ll be honest, listening to the radio isn’t nearly as fun if my body is trying to heal all the singers I hear. 🙃

Full circle back to the body scan. Because I feel sensations so strongly in my body, meditation that uses body sensations to help anchor me in the present is extra effective for me. This guided meditation is great for relaxation, re-centering yourself, and relief from stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness with Baby and Small Kids

Becoming a parent requires huge changes. Often with change comes worries, feelings of ungroundedness, and doubts. I experienced all of those things when I became a mother. On top of that, my meditation techniques and energy tools did not work like they used to. My typical meditations for anxiety and stress were not helping my anxiety and stress. I needed help!

Mindfulness was a big tool in my journey into parenthood, even though I had already been meditation for several years. I took a 10-week course to have the guidance and the group support around me. It upped my meditation game. It helped my energy work grow stronger, and it helped me develop a stronger connection to my higher self.

While I highly recommend committing to a meditation practice, or a structured course if possible, I understand that some people have things going on in their lives (like parenting responsibilities) that prevent them from doing that. Over the last few years, I have worked with friends, teachers, clients, and my higher self to create exercises that I and other parents can do to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Some of my favorite exercises, I repeat on a weekly basis in my Mindfulness with Baby and Small Kids class.

I would recommend practicing this class regularly to all parents because it not only helps you feel better but also allows you to be a more mindful role model for your kids. I’ve had people listen while feeding kids, while holding a baby, while being in another country from their child, and people without children have done this with their inner child. All these people wrote me about their experiences to tell me how helpful they found exercises. It is such a blessing to share this class.

Centering into Personal Power

A guided meditation for self-growth and empowerment

The solar plexus is our energetic home for self-esteem and personal power. The word power can have negative connotations for many people because power has been and still is being misused in many places around the world. When I use the word power, I do not refer to power over someone, rather I refer to the strength and abilities of your true essence, that compassionate, loving, joyful spirit side that makes up all of us. When we tap into the power of our essence, we can move mountains. Power from our true essence is never misused because it comes from a place of truth and infinite love. 

Power from within is distinct. Power from within is what fuels our self-confidence and allows us to stand up for ourselves. It gives us the power to make choices in line with our highest good. Choosing something in line with our highest good is not just limited to altruism and kind acts but also includes making choices of friends, food, expression, really anything that brings us true joy, peace, or love. It also gives us power to stand up to those who have been misusing power, those to whom we have given our power away. It allows us to take back our freedom, our power to choose – that divine right we have all been blessed with on this earth.

In this meditation, we connect into the power of the solar plexus, that place in the upper abdomen where we feel our self-esteem and personal power. We breathe into the upper abdomen and  acknowledge the organs there and everything they do for us, both physically and metaphysically. We thank them for digesting food and emotions for us, for processing what goes in so that we receive the nourishment we need. Through bringing our breath and awareness here, we allow energy and emotions that we had been holding on to, to move. We create space for more of our pure essence and power to flow within.  

The Compassionate Observer

A Guided Meditation to Tap into Your True Essence

This meditation is about recognizing the trifecta of who you are: body, mind, and energy. The body and mind are bound to this earth and this lifetime that you are living right now. Your energy (aka life force energy, essence, spirit, atman, soul, qi, tao, etc.) never dies, it simply flows into something/somewhere else when the body dies. By differentiating between the body, mind, and energy, it is easier to connect with that pure feeling of your essence, and you can begin to look at yourself from the perspective of the compassionate observer.

In this meditation I guide you to do just that. From this compassionate perspective, we view our body and our mind in a loving way. This allows us to learn more about ourselves, and it allows us to look at our body and our ‘issues’ in a way that isn’t so emotional or painful. Because we are coming from a standpoint with fewer pain and emotion, it is easier to let go of the emotions or energy that no longer serves us. It goes along with the saying, “What you resist, persists.” By taking that perspective of the compassionate observer, we enter a more neutral loving space. This lowers our resistance to discomfort and pain in the body, and then we can more easily set it free.

This meditation was inspired by a book I am reading called “The Sacred Self,” by Wayne Dyer.

A Full Moon Guided Meditation to Let Go and Flow

A full moon brings us an opportunity for clearing of things that no longer serve us and releasing. We can use it to learn how to ebb and flow with the energies in our environment. It teaches us to let go and build up again in a cyclical, flowing fashion. Sometimes the full moon can bring with it large energies and opportunities to release, which can feel overwhelming when we are not fully connected to the mother earth and father sky energies.

When I think of the moon, I think of a perfect rhythmic circle. It is dependable and timely in its cycle. It naturally changes everyday. It pushes and pulls. It grows and shrinks. Its pull strengthens and weakens. Yet, it always remains balanced. It reminds me of the importance of surrendering to nature and its ups and downs. To let go of some of that perceived need to control and simply go with the flow.

This meditation came through during a massive pink moon in April 2020. The energy leading up was so strong, I found myself having to connect inwards, downwards, and upwards, and I shed some tears of release as well. This is a great guided meditation for releasing anxiety and stress. This meditation was such a blessing to reconnect with supporting energies and let go of what was ready to leave. You can watch it around the times of a full moon or during any time when energies around you feel overwhelming. Enjoy!

One of My Favorite Guided Meditations: Connecting with Energies from Above and Below

This guided meditation is about connecting with energies from above and below. This technique is SO powerful! I use it in many of my meditations, especially for people who are looking to heal and/or release stress. It is a great way to clear your energy field and it works wonders during growth periods.

What is a growth period, you may ask? Good question! A growth period is when you are going through a shift in your life and old beliefs and emotions are getting ready to be released. When this happens, we may feel cranky, tired, and/or unfocused.

I often notice that I´m in a growth period when I find my mind is quick to turn to negative thoughts and I start getting cranky and snippy with the people around me. When this happens, I know it is time to sit down, tune inwards, and run my energy to clear out the emotions and old beliefs that are surfacing.

In this video, I begin with breath-centered meditation to calm the mind and the body and connect with the present moment. Then I guide you to connect with mother earth and source energy from above, allowing supportive, loving energies to flow through the body and the energy field. We end by creating a healing ball of light and sending it to mankind. Enjoy!

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The Journey Begins

For some time now, I’ve been hearing about how important blogs are to keep business flowing to your site. That felt true. What also felt true was a complete aversion to writing a blog. Alas, I have found a compromise! I will begin posting some of my favorite live meditations as Vlog posts and writing whatever comes along with them.  Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton