Health by Intuition

Health by Intuition Workshops bring transformation through inner values and connection

Health by intuition workshops are custom-designed depending on the needs of your company. Here are examples of workshop themes:

Reconnecting with intuition: bringing more value to the company and its clients

Intuitive leadership: creating a connected, healthy work culture

Intuitive decision-making: making decisions based on your inner values


Example: Breakdown of a two-hour workshop on intuitive decision-making

What intuition is, and what it is not (Theory)

How does intuition speak to us (A mix of theory and interactive sharing)

Feeling the difference between an intuitive ‘yes’ and an intuitive ‘no’  (Interactive exercise)

How to distinguish between the intuition and the mind (Theory)

Two tools for making intuition-based decisions in your day to day (Guided exercises)

A guided meditation to connect more deeply with your intuition (Guided meditation)


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Workshop prices

Starting at 150€ per person for a two hour workshop for 6-10 participants

Maximum 10 people per workshop