Intuitive Healing


What is intuitive healing?

What to expect, testimonials, clients’ experiences, & watch a real session

An intuitive healing session begins with a guided connection process to bring you into a deep meditative state (even if you’ve never gotten there on your own before) where you become present in your body. Then we ask your intuition to guide you. 

Your intuition may come through as sounds, images, ideas, smells, tastes, physical sensations, or simple knowing. Char will ask questions and guide you as needed so that you can receive the information that is coming through for you. The information and energy you need will come directly through you. 

The process is deeply healing in mind, body, and energy. Clients most often say they feel calmer, more relaxed, can breathe deeper, and they know exactly what they have to do by the end of a session. 

Session duration: One hour
Location: online

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How many sessions will I need?

To begin, I recommend four weekly sessions. This regularity will get you connected with your intuition so you can begin noticing it and implementing it more on a day to day basis. It also allows you to work more efficiently on what is coming up for you.

If you are doing additional therapies (e.g., psycho and/or emotional therapies), you may choose instead to do four biweekly sessions to balance and calm you in conjunction with your other self-work.

After four sessions, you can decide if you would like to continue working on your personal growth together with me at the same pace, or if you would prefer to reduce to biweekly, monthly, or as needed.

Continuity depends on what you would like to work on and how much you would like to invest yourself. If you’re looking for guidance on a particular issue, four sessions might be enough. Clients of mine that do only 3-4 sessions typically come to me for help with a transition into motherhood or career and life transitions. 

Clients going through prolonged transitions such as divorce, cancer treatment, or other longer lasting challenges often continue to work with me beyond four sessions until they feel like they can move forward from a space of inner calm and trust in the situation. 

Others choose to continue 1-2 times per month because they love how they feel after the sessions and like investing in their long-term growth.

Everyone’s story is different. You get to choose what feels right for you. 

How do I prepare for a session?

You will need a place to sit or lay down comfortably and not be disturbed for one hour. You will also need either a computer or mobile device with Teams or Zoom installed.

What happens during a session?

Watch this recorded session to understand how it works. (Recorded and shared with client’s explicit consent)

Will my information, details or experience be shared?

Absolutely not. I treat clients’ personal information confidentially. I do not share personal details from our sessions.

However, if you’d like to share your healing story to inspire others, I give you an option to do that anonymously on the Health by Intuition blog, under Healing Stories.


Where were you in life when you first decided to have an intuitive healing session?

The first time we had a session I was separated and in the process of a divorce.  I felt as though I had lost touch with a part of myself, but I was just trying to keep myself really busy so I didn’t have to think about the emotions I was feeling.  I had many positive things going on in my life, but I was unable to see them because my focus was generally on my “failed” marriage.  [Char and I] focused on discomfort and circulation issues in my legs. 

Honestly, I went into the session with no real expectations.  I was willing to try it because I was open to anything that would provide clarity or make me feel better at that point… I remember being skeptical when [Char] asked me what my body was trying to tell me, but [it] immediately yelled “stop” and “old.”  It was like this voice that had been trying to get through to me finally had room to speak.

What happened during the first session that made you want to do it again?

I was overwhelmed by the reaction, both emotional and physical, that my body had to our first session. I remember… Char was having me focus on colors and [when we] got to my head/chest area and my whole body tensed up and I felt like I wasn’t able to breathe. I don’t consider myself a spiritual person, so I was surprised by this. It really made me believe that my body had something to tell me, and as soon as I listened, it could relax.

I think it was reassuring for me that even though I am not able to devote as much time or energy to mediation and introspection as I maybe could, my inner voice is still there.  Knowing this made me feel stronger and more self-assured.  I consider myself a person who thinks a lot, perhaps sometimes too much, and these sessions are a time to clear the noise, listen to myself and re-center.  People go to chiropractors to maintain proper physical alignment. I think sessions with [Health by Intuition] have helped with my spiritual alignment.  

Did something else happen in your life that made you want to continue?

I think the times that we have been able to have our sessions have coincided with big life events.  The second session was about a month before my divorce was finalized, and I remember feeling very sad because I felt like my life was going backward to start over and I had allowed myself to feel romantically vulnerable and had been rejected.  Again, the session boosted my self-confidence, but it also gave imagery to some feelings I had been unable to face.  It was a reminder that in my heart I knew what was true.