Energetic Modalities

Did you know that your body has the innate ability to heal itself? I help to teach you to identify and trust your intuition to understand your body’s clues, and you can use your intuition to help heal yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

Tools and techniques I use to help you move through your blocks

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a tool commonly used in life coaching that allows us to explore where you are and where you want to be in a certain aspect of your life. I use findings from the mind mapping to create a plan of action with you, which may include any of the other tools described on my website.


Grounding is an essential tool for every human being on Earth. We all do it, all the time, to varying degrees. It allows us to stay present and in the moment, it connects us to powerful Earth energies. Increasing your grounded-ness can help to alleviate fear and anxiety, assist in manifesting, decrease a sense of dependence on others, and increase awareness, among other things.

Guided Meditations

The guided meditations I use may be more focused on breath and presence (similar to mindfulness), or they may be more active – including visualizations of scenes, flows of energy, positive emotions, etc. This is determined based on your needs during each visit. I will record guided meditations so you can replay them at home.

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a very powerful tool for manifesting. It may be similar to some guided meditations. It entails visualizing yourself achieving a goal that you have and includes all five senses. I record guided creative visualizations that we do during the visit so you can replay them at home.

Chord Clearing

Chord clearing is a relatively simple and quick process that can have long-lasting effects. Chords, in this context, are energetic chords that connect people to other people, places and/or events. I clear these chords, which breaks the connection so that energy cannot be pulled to/from the other side. This allows you to be more present and unaffected by others at any given moment.

Energy Transfer

Most sessions will generally include a form of energy transfer. For energy transfer, I act as a conduit, allowing energy to flow through me to you, and sometimes my intuition leads me to call upon the energy to flow to you directly. This may include reiki and/or it may include other high vibrational energies that are channeled through me. I can do this in silence or during meditations/visualizations, with gentle touch or distance. Your preferences, my intuition, and source guidance determine which we use, if any.

Emotion Code and Body Code techniques

The Emotion Code and Body Code allow for systematic removal of stuck energies (mainly emotions) in the body. I generally use these tools if we hit an unconscious block that isn’t becoming clear when asked. I ask that my body serve as a proxy for you and ask yes or no questions so that it can guide us through releasing unconscious energies that no longer serve you. These tools often come up when we are clearing energy that has been inherited/passed down epigenetically.