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When I was a little girl, I dreamt of growing up and becoming a doctor. I had always wanted to help people, especially with their health. I held that dream throughout my childhood. After several years of fevers, digestive distress, and several doctors’ visits in my late teens, I desperately turned to an elimination diet of fruits and vegetables. I lost almost 10% of my body weight in two weeks and gained focus, energy, a new take on life. A couple years later, I was finally diagnosed with celiac’s disease after I sought out a doctor and asked her to test me.

Some time during the years of struggling with undiagnosed celiac disease, I lost faith in conventional medicine (albeit, only temporarily). Even though my university studies prepared me to go to medical school, it just didn’t feel right, and I couldn’t find the desire to study to take the entry exams. I didn’t know it at the time, but my poor experiences with conventional medicine were actually my intuition preparing me to take another route.

Over the next several years, I continued down a scientific path while struggling with several chronic, and at times debilitating, health issues:  sciatica, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and food allergies. I tried and tested several types of complementary and alternative healing methods, such as mediumship, psychotherapy, energy healing, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine, to name a few. The most intriguing as well as the most profound healing modalities for me were energy healing and medical intuition. I could literally feel the energy flowing in my hands and body!

Once I finally decided to take the plunge and work towards a career in this field, my life started shifting. Anxiety and stress started lifting, chronic pain began to heal, and my digestion drastically improved. After a few years of classroom and online courses in energy healing, coaching, and spiritual studies, and a couple years of practice sessions on friends and family, I was finally ready to begin helping others as a profession. Now I aim to assist others find relief and joy through the most powerful methods I find on our healing journey.

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