Intuition led me here

Hi, I’m Char Tamason, the founder of Health by Intuition, and this is my story that led me here.


My healing journey is one that might be familiar to you too.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of growing up and becoming a doctor. I always wanted to help people, especially with their health. I held that dream throughout my childhood. 

I was also very sensitive. I could feel other people’s emotions and physical pain in my own body, and I often didn’t realize what belonged to me and what belonged to others. This was overwhelming for me, and I began to disconnect with my body and its physical feelings from a young age. 

This disconnection led to dis-ease that my doctors were not able to treat. After several years of persistent fevers, digestive distress, generalized anxiety, and little help from conventional medicine in my late teens, I desperately turned to an elimination diet of raw fruits and vegetables. 

I lost almost 10% of my body weight in two weeks and gained focus, energy, and a new take on life. A couple years later, I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease after I sought out a doctor and asked her to test me.

Some time during the years of struggling with undiagnosed celiac disease, I lost faith in conventional medicine (albeit, only temporarily). Even though my university studies prepared me to go to medical school, it just didn’t feel right, and I couldn’t find the desire to study to take the entry exams. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but my poor experiences with conventional medicine were actually my intuition preparing me to take another route.

I tried and tested several types of complementary and alternative healing methods, such as mediumship, psychotherapy, energy healing, meditation, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine, to name a few. I began slowly reconnecting with my feelings and intuition. But I wasn’t quite ready to fully listen to them yet. 

Over the next several years, I continued down a scientific path while struggling with several chronic, and at times debilitating, health issues: nerve pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and food allergies. I eventually got to the point – at the age of 30 – where I couldn’t get out of bed because the nerve pain became so severe. 

While in bed, I came upon an 8-week energy healing course. After watching the introductory video, my pain levels dropped from a 9/10 to a 4/10. I knew I had to take that course. 

Two weeks into the course, I finally decided to listen to that intuitive voice inside me that kept directing me towards a healing career. I made a promise to myself that as soon as I finished my PhD, I would commit my life to healing myself and others. 

I began studying energy work and esoteric healing methods with fervor. I became a reiki master and got a life coach certification. I took courses in mindfulness based cognitive therapy, medical intuition, and got a number of other energy healing certificates. I listened to healing webinars in my free time. After studying nearly my whole life, I had finally found something I loved to study!

It wasn’t until I finally decided to take the plunge and work towards a career in healing that my life really started shifting. I started offering reiki sessions (like an energetic massage, where I would channel benevolent energy through my hands to the client), and found my first two clients without even trying. 

Over time I began adding in techniques of medical intuition and guided meditation – guiding clients into a dialogue with a part of the body that is experiencing dis-ease. To my surprise, they began to hear, see, sense, and feel incredible amounts of guidance and information from their intuition. 

I realized that my role was to hold a connection and ask intuitively guided questions, while my clients’ own intuition guided and healed them. Whether it was relief surgery pain, recovering from cancer, healing anxiety, or overcoming major life changes or existential crises, finding more peace in the day to day, they found the answers within them. It was incredible. 

As I continued to help others heal in mind, body, and energy, my own health continued to improve. The remaining anxiety and stress lifted, chronic pain disappeared, and my digestion drastically improved. Helping others was healing me. 

I not only healed through following my intuition in my work, I began to grow in ways beyond my imagination. I developed a deep trust for life and myself. My relationships became even more loving and supportive. I found my true self.

No matter what happens around me, I know I can fall back on my intuition to return to that place of inner calm and inner knowing. It puts me right back into flow and ease. I watch my clients gain that ability as well.

Today I continue down this path of helping others heal in mind, body, and energy. I am grateful every day that I am able to help others feel better by helping them reconnect with the most powerful, effective, and sustainable healing tool that I’ve ever witnessed: their own intuition. It is my life’s purpose, and it is a blessing to share it. 

My vision is to heal the world. It starts by healing ourselves.
Are you with me?