Session diaries

Intuitive Healing session Feb 17, 2021


My client* shared that she was struggling because a close friend’s dad was in critical condition in the hospital due to Covid. She was trying to send healing and feeling very attached to the situation. It was really affecting her emotionally and making her feel energetically drained. 

During the session:

As we began the intuitive healing session, the first thing that came in was the word ‘Peace.’ We asked peace to come in, in a column of light, and surround her body so that she could breathe it in with every breath. I then began a slow guided process of bringing in her own essence and energies in line with her highest good down through her crown and into her body. 

When we got to the arms, there was a lot of energy there. We kept our focus in the arms and hands for a while. It felt like channels needed to open up here to allow more flow in and out. Suddenly, energy began surging through her hands. She said it felt like a release for her heart. 

We continued down through the body until we reached the sacral chakra (the low belly). Here there was a strong energy again and we were guided to place attention in her ovaries and uterus. I guided her to imagine she could shrink down and go into that place into her body. Once she was there, it turned into a beautiful, peaceful garden – a garden of creation. She sat down by a stream with her feet in the water. 

She allowed the water to flow up through her feet and throughout her entire body. It was a beautiful, calm feeling as the water cleansed her whole body. We asked that it cleanse the energy and the physical body to open her up to more connection and presence on earth. We were then guided to her sacrum and tailbone. 

In the sacrum, we asked that a grounding cord connect her true essence with the center of the earth, connecting her physically on the earth in the best way for her. It felt as if there were other people corded into her grounding cord. We asked that those be removed and sent grounding cord copies to anyone that needed grounding. She saw three holes in her aura. Then we asked for assistance to strengthen her grounding and for help in healing any affinities that she held that kept these holes open in her aura and allowed others to connect in with her grounding. 

Then she saw a black ball in her right kidney. We went there, and she imagined love flowing through her body and out her hands. She visualized holding the black ball, and it began to shrink, but it wasn’t going away without sharing something first. We asked what its message was. She saw herself as a newborn baby crying and crying. She felt the pain of this baby feeling so scared and so unsafe – the baby knew she needed another human to survive, but no one was coming for her. 

She held the baby and surrounded it with love. It began to calm but was still very anxious and scared. She saw balls of fear that had filled up inside this baby, and she began to release them by brushing them away with her hand. We then asked for assistance from Mother Earth to help ground the baby’s energy into its body. A very bright and strong beam of light connected the baby’s sacrum and tailbone into the center of the earth. The balls of fear began dropping down the cord of light, and they came back up to earth and grew into beautiful plants. 

The baby’s entire nervous system was finally calm, and we asked her to join my client and merge with her soul. The baby simply entered in through the belly and integrated back in. My client felt a huge blanket of peace and calm and love through and surrounding her entire body. 

We asked for light to come in to fill any holes in her aura. We asked that the process continue so that full integration may be reached and that she may bring more peace into her day and life. Then we invited her awareness fully back into her body and the present moment. 

Post session:

She explained to me that after she was born, her mother had severe hemorrhaging, and her father had to drive immediately to another place to get blood to save her mother’s life. My client’s first physical experiences were those of fear and abandonment as her newborn body lay alone for hours in the hospital crying for help. She felt she had finally healed this subconscious experience.

Suddenly, other childhood traumas made sense – why she used to get so worked up over something seemingly “insignificant.” She also was able to see the imminent death of her friend’s father as an event of life and not as a traumatic experience that brought up her own fears of dying from infancy. She could talk about it with peace in her heart. Her eyes were both calmer and brighter. She was finally relaxed and so filled with gratitude.

*Client has given explicit consent for the details of her session to be shared here anonymously.