Video session and testimonial

Watch Carina’s experience with intuitive healing!

In the beginning of this session, Carina felt a pulsating sensation in her forehead. She imagined entering into that sensation and saw herself in a forest. Behind a tree were multiple paths she could walk down. She chose the one that felt the best and brightest. On this path, she met a redheaded woman who was there to guide her.

Carina was guided to trust in what was to come and that money would be there. She felt the peace and reality of this vision and let it wash through her completely. We asked how she could remember it to bring this energy more into her day to day life, and the first thing she was told was to notice the color light blue – it could transport her back to this feeling of divine trust. She was also instructed to continue writing in her gratitude journal and that her red headed friends would help remind her as well.

Fast forward to minute 48:40 to hear Carina sum up her experience post-session and how everything integrated.