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In-person and online experiences located in Madrid

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My name is Char Tamason, and I am an intuitive healer, coach, teacher, PhD, and founder of Health by Intuition. My purpose on Earth is to reconnect people with their intuition – that innate wisdom that always wants what is best for them. 


My approach incorporates intuition, energy work, and meditation to build inner awareness and empower you to sustainably change your life. If your gut is saying “That’s exactly what I need,” I encourage you to keep reading.



Intuitive Healing + Coaching

“Char is an incredibly intuitive person. She created a personal meditation for me that I could use daily to ground and focus myself. This was extremely helpful for me.”

Michelle, USA

Intuitive Healing

“Char approaches each session with a calming warmth and professionalism, which allowed me to feel comfortable opening up to her in our time together. She has supported me in self reflection to address the underlying emotions preventing me from feeling my best. Her support and guidance have helped put me on a path to better mental and physical health. If you’re curious about trying her services, I guarantee you are in the best healing hands! ❤️❤️

Tina, USA

Intuitive Coaching

“Char was able to help me get past all my mind drama and really zero in on what I want. Her creative visualizations really allow me to feel it in my body as if it’s already happening. Totally recommend everything she does!”

Denise, Spain

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