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My name is Char Tamason, PhD, and I am the founder of Health by Intuition. My vision is to heal the world, and I do this by helping you follow your intuition – the voice of the soul – to make value-based, conscious decisions that benefit you, your family, your workplace, and everyone you serve.

My approach incorporates intuition, energy work, and meditation to reconnect you with your soul. The inner wisdom that comes through this allows you to shift into more calm, self-awareness, and balance in all aspects of life.

If your gut is saying “That’s exactly what I need,” I encourage you to keep reading.


Char is truly gifted at what she does and is one of a kind. At first I didn’t really know how learning about this topic might help me in my day to day life, but I immediately started putting it into practice and found that my “intuitive day” is one of the best I’ve had in a while.

I was able to calmly, confidently make choices that were not only in alignment with what’s best for me, but also helped me be really healthy and establish good long-term habits without having to put in any thought. I already know what to do, I just had to start listening.

Thank you, Char, for helping me tune into my inner voice and inner wisdom.”

Lisa Mariette, CEO of Lisa Mariette Consulting, Spain

“I went to see Char after an intense 6 months of chemotherapy with big decisions pending in regards to how to proceed with a mastectomy and start of hormonal treatment which I was very apprehensive to do. To say I was out of my depth is an understatement- so many new concepts to digest which were confusing and overwhelming. Along came Char!!!  

She was my beacon of light in a time of darkness.  She´s been by my side listening to my concerns, helping me deal with stresses and digest what has and is happening to me as I continue my cancer journey. She’s helped balance my energies and getting “rid” of any negativity that might go against my greater good.  One session in particular I came out feeling lighter, with a spring in my step and in a much more positive frame of mind ready to let go of the fight I’d just been through…..a session one never forgets.  

Still today I continue to see Char as my journey is a long road to health and happiness after dealing with a chronic illness. I couldn’t recommend her more highly for people dealing with health issues and the healthy alike.  Only positive things come from reconnecting with you.”

Hope Maine, Founder and Director of Deia Living, Spain

“Char approaches each session with a calming warmth and professionalism, which allowed me to feel comfortable opening up to her in our time together. She has supported me in self reflection to address the underlying emotions preventing me from feeling my best. Her support and guidance have helped put me on a path to better mental and physical health. If you’re curious about trying her services, I guarantee you are in the best healing hands!

Tina Kjolhaug, Educational Consultant, USA

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